TompiDev logoHi there!

My name is Tommy, i am the founder of TompiDev.

TompiDev is a small website where i publish all themes and plugins developed myself.

I'm only just created this small company but I have been involved in development of web for a long time.

A few words about what I do...

I am proficient in PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS programming languages and even a little bit familiar with database (SQL).

For years, I have been creating Joomla programs and websites, which I still practice to this day, but not so intensely.

I hope you will be satisfied with everything I create and you will support me in my work. Every little help, every amount, even the smallest, inspires me to keep working and create all the things in my plans.


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Thank you for all your support!

I wish you a nice day.