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TD Countdown

The TD Countdown plugin is a Countdown plugin with custom date and time setting, header text and HTML formatted message display

FontAwesome Helper

FontAwesome Helper is a Bludit plugin which can help for developers quickly review and insert icons into the HTML source. On click an icon you get the HTML formatted code of the chosen icon.

Tracking Master

What is this Tracking Master? Tracking Master is a Multi-provider web analytics tracker. multi-provider as Google Analytics, Clicky and Histats

Booty Dark Admin (plugin)

What is Booty Dark Admin (BDA) plugin? This is an Add-on plugin for Booty Dark Admin Theme of Bludit flat file CMS. This add-on plugin helps you to change individual elements of the Booty Dark Admin theme.

Booty Dark Admin (Theme)

Booty Dark Admin (BDA) is an Admin Theme for Bludit Flat-file CMS. Booty Dark Admin allows you to change individual elements of the admin sidebar and the Right Main pane.